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Is the Ice King Really so Horrible?

Posted by Marko Cortez on

If you are an Adventure Time Fan, then you are all too familiar with the Ice King (real name Simon Petrikov) who is best known for kidnapping princesses and forcing them to marry him, which Finn and Jake would foil every time. The Ice King lives in the ice mountains and his magical abilities are contained in, and can be controlled with his crown,which he is powerless without. The sad part about it all, is that his crown is also the cause of his loss of sanity and transformation into a wizard, though not a very good one. Despite his flaws, he is often misunderstood, making him a tragic hero in some cases. In numerous episodes, he can be found to be the hero of the day, although he always ends up doing something to annoy people.

What people don't really know about the Ice King however, is that he actually use to be a successful and brilliant human being named Simon Petrikov, who was a specialist in ancient artifacts. His life was made complete with his beautiful fiancée named Betty Grof who he lovingly called his princess. They were living in bliss, until Simon bought a crown from an old dock worker in Northern Scandinavia during one of his world expeditions and that's when everything started to change. When he brought it home, he started joking around with Betty and put it on his head to make her laugh. When the crown was placed on his head however, that is when the madness began. It caused him to black out and experience odd visions. He "fought with [the visions]... shouted at them until [he] realized it wasn't real—it was the crown." Over time, he lost his beloved Betty, never to see her again and started to lose control of his own humanity. 

However, in the wreckage of the world and his life, he met a young Marceline (who is another beloved Adventure time Character) who fell victim to the Mushroom War and he saved her and sheltered her from harm, until he made the heartbreaking decision to abandon her because he was afraid of who he was becoming and didn't want to hurt her.

Eventually, the crown overtook him and he became a full wizard, losing all of his human side and memory along with it. But even though he is now a narcissistic sociopath, without him realizing it, deep down inside, he still longs for his "princess" Betty and daughter figure Marceline and all the proof can be found in the episode titled "I Remember You." Which is a heartbreaking episode that shows a glimpse of the Ice Kings past. The biggest proof that the Ice King still cares deeply for Marceline is when Marceline tells him "Even though I keep moving, you still somehow find me and want to start hanging around." Even though the Ice King ignores what she said or it didn't even phase him, he shows her notes that he said were lyrics to his song which turns out to actually be letters to Marceline that say:


is it just you and me in the wreckage of the world? That must be so confusing for a little girl. And I know you're going to need me here with you. But I'm losing myself, and I'm afraid you're gonna lose me too.

This magic keeps me alive, but it's making me crazy, And I need to save you, but who's going to save me?

Please forgive me for whatever I do, when I don't remember you. 

Marceline, I can feel myself slipping away. I can't remember what it made me say. But I remember that I saw you frown.
I swear it wasn't me, it was the crown.

If this isn't the most beautiful and saddest thing that you ever read, then you must be the Ice King. If we were to dissect and analyze this character, I think he is all of us at one point or another; just a lonely person trying to find love and be loved in return. 

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