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What Makes Mar Mars Figures so Awesome?!

Posted by Marko Cortez on

There's so many to choose from, how can you pick just one?!!!  Well here's a simple solution...Collect them ALL!!!  Each figure is carefully hand painted to glow and shine from every angle and the more exposed to light, the longer and brighter it will glow! To top it off, we have many fandoms to choose from...Whether it be traveling through space and time with Doctor Who...or awakening the force in Star Wars, we have MANY figures to choose from! If you don't see a figure that you are looking for, well have no fear....Just message us and we'll make every effort to get it for you!

You see what makes Mar Mars figures so awesome isn't the figures themselves; we know you can go elsewhere to get them. What makes Mar Mars so awesome is the pride and care that we put into each figure we have in our collection. From making sure that the boxes they are in and figures are in mint condition, to making sure that they glow the brightest they can be. We even go as far as personally and carefully packaging each figure for delivery to ensure that when you receive your treasured collectible, it is in perfect condition.  Because at Mar Mars Toys, they are not just toys..they are valuable collectibles!

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