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How do you make your figures glow?

Amazingly enough, we make them authentic to Mar Mars Toys by customizing them by hand through a special glow in the dark painting process.  Every figure is exclusively taken by our professional artist that takes care and pride when painting each figure to ensure that you are getting the most perfect custom collectible figure that you would be proud to show off.


I received my figure, but it's not glowing?

When first receiving your figure, you will have to "charge" your figure by putting it under a flourescent light for 15 minutes.  After that, exposure to light should make it glow. 


How long does the figure usually glow?

Usually, after you charge it for 15 minutes, it will glow between 3 to 5 hours.


Are the Glow figures safe for younger children to play with?

Our Custom Figures are actually targeted for the older audience, which is why we put the disclaimer for ages 17 and up. They are more for the collectors wanting to display them, rather than play with them. But we do also have the alternative non-glowing figures that are safer for the younger crowds.


You Offer Free Shipping for all orders in the U.S., but what about if we live outside of the country?

Unfortunately, we have yet to work out a deal with global shipping, so we will have to incurr a global shipping fee at this time. But we are making every effort to improve in this area and are trying to bring you the most reasonable prices as possible. As another alternative, if you are an international consumer, you can also buy our figures from our ebay store by clicking here


What are your Return Policies?

We Are Dedicated To Providing You With A Risk-Free Shopping Experience, Which Means That You Are Entitled To An Exchange Or Refund Within 14 Days Of Your Purchase. Please Note That The Product Must Be Returned Unused, In Original Packaging Including All Tags. In Case Of Refund Neither The Original Shipping Cost Nor The Return Shipping Cost Will Be Repaid. You Can Contact Us For Return Instructions.  This information, as well as our other policies can be found on our Terms & Conditions page.


When ordering online, is my information kept private?

Personal Information You Provide Us With Or That We Obtain Will Be Handled By Mar Mars Toys As Responsible For The Personal Information. The Personal Information You Provide Will Be Used To Ensure Deliveries To You, The Credit Assessment, To Provide Offers And Information On Our Catalog To You. The Information You Provide Is Only Available To Mar Mars Toys And Will Not Be Shared With Other Third Parties. You Have The Right To Inspect The Information Held About You. You Always Have The Right To Request Mar Mars Toys To Delete Or Correct The Information Held About You. By Accepting The Mar Mars Toys Conditions, You Agree To The Above. For more information please click here